Casey L. Miller, Attorney, in Warner, New Hampshire

Welcome to my web site! I've been here in town for a few months and I'm finally getting a few local clients. My goal is to be the small town, "can do,"  lawyer. They say that one lawyer in a small town starves to death while two get rich. Luckily, I have the steel and fortitude to do the work of two mortals so I guess we're all set. Unfortunately, I am not be in more than one place at a time so it might be best to call and set up an appointment with my secretary (me), rather than drop by. I am conveniently located right on Main Street in the Brookside Building, a restored colonial home that is far too beautiful to house the likes of someone like me.

I came at opening a solo practice in kind of an odd way. I was an investigator with the New Hampshire Human Rights Commission for eight years which kind of gives me a focus in employment law. At this time I've got a wrongful termination and an employment discrimination case. I have also successfully represented clients in front of the Department of Employment Security and I'm in the process of a New Hampshire Supreme Court appeal of an employment security case. However, I'm not limited to that area of law. My experience with the state makes me uniquely suited to take on the beauracratic slog that is the administrative process. Now, there's only so much you can do with that but having me do it for you is better than doing it alone.  I take family law cases in divorce, parenting, and termination of rights proceedings. I am also taking on criminal matters including violations, misdemeanors, and expungements. I'll just be honest and say that I'll pretty much take a look at anything. I've learned to be a  fast legal researcher so I can get answers to your questions fairly quickly.  My firm is also very flexible as far as payment.  I don't have a lot of overhead so I can work with you a little bit on payment terms. Hopefully, me knowing what it's like to be broke will work out to our mutual benefit.


Address : 51 E. Main Street, Suite 5, P.O. Box 370
Warner, NH 03278
Phone : (603) 456-2369
Fax : (603) 206-8998
Email :